Student Available for Tutoring and Babysitting

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Grace Dalton 3/5/92

Maths A*
English A*
Science – Triple Award A*A*A*
History A*
Spanish A*
Statistics A*
Religious Education A*
Art A*
Citezenship – Half Award A

A Levels
Biology A
Chemistry A
Maths A
Also – AS levels in Physics and Further Maths, Extended Project Qualification (AQA) – Lifetstyle Factors Contributing to Cancer
Duke of Edinburgh Award - Bronze level
St John Ambulance Cadets Grand Prior Scheme – Bronze Badge obtained

I`m taking a break during my first year of studying Biomedical Sciences at UCL, and am living with my 2 younger sisters and parents (a nurse and a civil servant in the department for education, previously a teacher). I did some tutoring during my gap year, most notably maths tutoring of a home schooled boy who’d had no previous maths teaching. He began school and quickly was selected to learn maths with older children. I have experience of teaching (and also babysitting) children of various ages, including volunteer work with toddlers at 5 family festivals/holidays (New Wine and Spring Harvest), and helping in GCSE maths lessons. Over the last few years, I have helped in Sunday school many times, and have run several parties for the children.
Other activities include visits to an elderly care home, helping at the soup kitchen, artwork and study at home, and substantial fundraising (organising events, selling snacks etc), as I am desperate to help people living in severe poverty. I also did some work as “mother’s help”, giving me further experience with young children.
During my high school years, I undertook some work experience at 2 GP surgeries and at Ealing hospital - I hope to undertake a career in the medical field.


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