Spanish for your holidays

Birmingham, West Midlands
1128 days ago


Have you ever wanted to speak Spanish on your holidays?

I offer you and another person (same fee!!) who wants to learn with you excellent Spanish speaking Skills for your holidays.

Not only "2 cervezas por favor" but confidence in both speaking and understanding Speanish ... even if you think you are not good at languages!!!!!

No need to buy a book - do homework - or anything but SPEAKING IN SPANISH from the first minute! ...

You will impress your friends, partner, family, ....

Study Spanish on your own or with someone else from the comfort of your own home! No travelling chores! No need to accommodate me in your home either!

Personal Conversation * Getting around in the city far from the resort * Hotel issues * Restaurants and Bars * At the Doctor´s * Buying food and getting the right items of clothes * At the Customs * ... and any other aspect you may find useful!!

Contact me for more info.

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