SKY REFERRAL! JOIN SKY AND GET £75 VOUCHERS Tesco, marks and Spencer, john Lewis

Oldham, Manchester
865 days ago


You don't need to bid, you don't need to buy or even wait for the auction to finish, just send me a message if you're interested
Hy, I am a sky customer and if I recommend someone to join up to Sky we both get £75 worth of vouchers
Are you thinking of joining Sky in the next few weeks?
Why not benefit from having £75 of Tesco, boots, Mark and Spencer or John Lewis vouchers sent to you for the pleasure of joining?
There’s no catch. Its all under Sky’s ‘Introduce a friend scheme’. And it’s so easy to do.
How this works?

Send me your name, postal address and your email address before applying to Sky, I will then send Sky your name, email address and postal address for them to contact you.



Introduce a friend

Whatever you need to know about Introduce a Friend, we hope you'll find the answer here. If you need to know more, you can find advice and information in Help & Support.

How do I get introduced to Sky?Hide

Any of your friends who have Sky TV can introduce you online. They simply send you an invitation to join. We then give you a unique reference number and link, which you can use to choose your reward when signing up to Sky TV.

Why can’t I sign up with my Unique Reference Number as soon as I've been introduced?Hide

If you're sitting with your friend, using the same computer they've just used to send your invitation, you need to close down the browser and reopen it before using the unique link in your invitation.

When can I claim my reward?Hide

Once we've received your first subscription payment, you can claim your reward. Your friend can also claim their reward. Once you have claimed, it can take up to 45 days for each reward to arrive through Special Delivery.

When will my reward arrive? Hide

Once you've claimed your reward, it should arrive by Special Delivery within 45 days.

What if my reward doesn't arrive? Hide

If you've claimed your reward and it hasn't arrived within 45 days, please let us know.

Are there any other rewards? Hide

Unfortunately, no. You can only get the reward that's currently offered.

Can I receive Sky TV?Hide

Most people in the UK can receive Sky TV. However, in some cases, we might be unable to install TV because of satellite dish restrictions.

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