Hammersmith, London

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Bodybuilding for everyone! You can do bodybuilding, but don't have to be a bodybuilder.

Not seeing results? I am NOT surprised! Training with no progress? No problem - just read the whole ad!

Friendly and enthusiastic level 3 qualified PT will change your entire present approach into a completely new quality of workout.

My knowledge and experience within the fitness industry spans more than 15yrs including coaching and previously was a competitive bodybuilder.

As I am highly professional and dedicated will encourage you every step of the way through your journey.

I'm here to provide you REAL RESULTS of your choice as listed below:
• - Body FAT loss - EXTREMELY EFFECTIVELY! Be aware that losing weight does NOT equal losing fat. Reducing weight fast (instead of fat only) and inappropriately may affect many aspects of your health and final effect is flimsy - ALWAYS jo-jo!
• - Body Shaping and Muscle building and toning, strength, endurance
• - Healthy Sports Nutrition + EXCELLENT sports supplements coaching
• - Cardiovascular Fitness
• - Reducing Stress & anxiety
• - Boosting confidence by looking and feeling better

NO thinking effort required, ALL you have to do is just DO what I say and you will get what you want for 100%!

Useful tips & answers to the FAQ:
- I am sorry, but I am not a member of your gym and all other London's gyms at the same time;
- if you are looking to improve your current decent fitness onto a higher level – then you're welcome!
- if you already have a PT and want to train with PT just for the sake of it, then I recommend you stay with your current PT;
- beginners and ladies always welcome, no worries, I don't bite :-)
- SORRY, no 6-pack in 10 sessions, even with me, I am not a magician;
- can train you even once a week or as many times as you need it;
- YES!, I can help you bulk up some muscle mass even if you are skinny and weak. Believe me when I went to the gym for the first time was 55kg and built up to 105kg off season. This sport is more mental than physical;
- YES!, these are my pics while I was a competitor up to 90kg. Who else might suppose to be there if not me when I obviously advertise my own service?
- YES!, You MUST change your diet and start eat properly, otherwise forget results in the present life. You CAN eat healthy, everyone can –- believe me!
- dieting doesn't mean being hungry all the time; unhealthy food is just eliminated;
- it does not matter for me how many PTs you've had previously. For me you may still be a beginner and I may need to teach you everything almost from scratch to make you REALLY ready for a REAL training - which is ESSENTIAL if REAL results must appear!
- if you want results immediately or quickly this is wrong address - I'll change your entire life, not just next 6 or 12 weeks;
- SORRY, if you are looking for fun in a gym then I suggest you contact other PT - changing body is a very hard work only, also great pleasure, but NEVER fun!

I CAN TRAIN YOU AT MUSCLEWORKS GYM in Bethnal Green, London E2. One pass costs you £5 or you can buy a 1 month membership for £45 or


One 1,5 hour session £100/£100
Six pack £95/£570
12 pack £90/£1080
25 pack £87/£2088
48 pack £84/£4032

Packages prices include initial and follow up assessments (£550 value).
24h cancellation policy applies for all appointments.
All sessions expire 6 months from of date of purchase.

It's not fitness, it's life changing.


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