Send me your private thoughts - contributions wanted from the public for artist's project

1124 days ago


This project aims to catalogue the personal thoughts of anonymous individuals.

Participants are asked to email written thoughts of any nature - diary or journal entries, to-do-lists, personal emails, doodles, etc. These can document the minutiae of life or be of great significance to the contributor - anything at all.

The collection will be opened up to public interaction, providing an opportunity to gain insight into the private thoughts of strangers. It will also be presented in an online blog format as it progresses so that participants can be kept up to date.

The following information would also be appreciated:

Location - town, city
Sexual orientation
Ethnic origin

Contributors may remain anonymous, so it is not necessary to include your name, or may be included in a list of participants.

Please contact me with any questions about the project.

With thanks,


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