Seeking illustrator for children's book

1175 days ago



I’m looking for an illustrator who is able to express the beauty of the Scottish landscape and also convey an element of humour in their work. The children’s book I have written is set mainly within the Highlands of Scotland. To give folks an idea of the kind of style I would like, please take a look at Jennifer Thomson’s website.

I’m not necessarily looking for that level of detail in the illustrations but something very similar to that style.

I have decided not to go with the publishing house offer and instead go down the self-publishing route for a number of reasons. I don’t have an enormous budget but would be willing to pay for the right person or indeed discuss a collaborative project where we each receive a portion of the royalties.

Please contact me if you think you may be the right person. Although I am based in West London, I am open to enquiries from any location.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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