Kings Cross, London
876 days ago


Re: Saving Reality
This is, admittedly, a very strange request. I, and scores of others, are playing an Alternative Reality Game by the name of The Wall Will Fall. Details can be found if you search 'the wall will fall' on TV Tropes.. To stop reality from collapsing, we desperately need someone to get to King's Cross Station, North London. All we need you to do is go to the famous bookshop at Platform 9 and 3/4 with a smartphone or tablet with Internet, open the app 'Layar', start 'Echo Layar' and look for a black-and-white lower-face male photo. British rail connections being what they are, when you're waiting two and a half hours for a train stuck at Aylesbury, this is something you could stroll over and look at for which we would all be unbelievably grateful.
REWARD: Well, saving reality, obviously. And a certificate, as well as an Amazon gift voucher.

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