Proof reading and writing guidance for assignments/ essays/ coursework

1172 days ago


I am offering a proof reading service for assignments, essays or coursework. Don't lose marks on silly mistakes when you can have your essay proof read, and ensure everything is written perfectly. I will also offer constructive criticism on your work, giving advice on where I think it can be improved or areas that do not read as well as they should.
I am a freelance research writer, and for a living write papers in the broad area of health and life sciences including (but not limited to) psychology, criminology, sociology, law and ethics as well as english. I have a wide knowledge of many crossover subjects, and so you can be assured quality with my work.

I am currently charging £6.50 to proof read and give constructive criticism to essays of up to 2500 words, compared to over £70 most online companies charge. For an additional £6.50 I can proof read and correct your reference list (Harvard format only.) Most essays are returned within 24 hours, and many will be returned after just one hour. Live video chat is available if you require, or you can simply email me your details and I will get back to you promptly.

Payments are made quickly and easily through Paypal- a protected service for both buyer and seller.

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