Promotional basis graphic designer wanted for artists 'logo'

1168 days ago



I am an artist (singer and songwriter) who is currently self promoting my work around the world. A graphic designer friend of mine in NYC was due to be designing me a logo for my stage name 'Bernii'. However, he is unable to forfill his promise at this current time. As an independent artist I thought I may ask about any independent graphic designers who are looking for an opportunity to promote their work if they would be willing to design a logo for me? I fully appreciate we all need to be paid (me too!) but I wondered if we could help each other out in some way i.e you design the logo and if its some thing I would use I could dedicate a section to the logo or atleast give details on my website which is I have recently spent 5 months recording in NYC (a different sound to the recordings on the website...more commerical as it were). I could also promote you on any flyers I have made up for gigs and on the usual social sites like face book.

If you are interested in working with me then please email and I'll give you details of what I am looking for and we can come to some kind of fair arrangement.

Many Thanks

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