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26 Feb 2012
1155 days ago


I recently became interested in pua after reading the book 'the game' by Neil struss. It has massively changed the way I think, however I am not acting on it as much because I am not getting enough practice. I'd tried telling my friends about it and they think its silly. I'd force them to go out to bars and clubs but all they want to do is spend money on drinks and get drunk, and once every other week is not enough. I started doing this myself, going to the gym and other day-time games (not good for a starter) and trying it there, and it has worked a few times but I can tell that I am very rusty.

This is really big in the US, unfortunatelyI am not in the US where there is a massive community of pua helping each other, going sarging togther, learning from each other, having a wingman etc.

I want to start or from a group or even a community of pua where we can meet up, discuss our game, help each other, push each other, going sarging together to bars, shooping centre etc to develop our game.

anyone interested, give me a text and we can sort something out. 07588682980

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