Personal Training - 121 fitness Room

Canning Town
1202 days ago


Professional personal training - weights, cardio, diet advice and full body assessment

Massage, sports massage and 4 handed massage available for clients who are on a Personal Training Package

Feb/March SPECIAL OFFER: 1 SESSION £25 (minimum 3 sessions), £200/8 sessions.


Are you feeling like your training isn’t working?
Unable to lose/put on weight?
Having problems with getting a dream body?
Feeling demotivated?
Are you not sure if you are using gym equipment correctly?
Not sure about your exercise technique?
Have you got health issues or you are scared to go the gym?
Are you feeling intimidated by other gym users?
If you have answered YES to one or more of the questions above, then you definitely should train with US.

At FitMed-Fitness clinic we will help you to achieve your goal faster and use your time more efficiently. You will get professional advice and help, whatever your fitness level, age or health condition. You will get your own program which you can use at the gym while you are training without your personal trainer. You will get advice about your diet and supplementation. You won’t feel intimidated by anyone as you will be training with your trainer 1 on 1 in fully equipped fitness room in a very relaxed and professional atmosphere.

Please email for more information or to arrange a informal chat on how our services can support you

Both trainers are fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainers, Level 3 Exercise Referrals Instructors & Level 4 Lower Back Pain Management Specialists

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