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I am a motivated and dedicated personal trainer and sports massage therapist and above all i love my job!

Personal Training- I have 100% success rate with my clients, simply through correct exercise prescription and specific dietary changes made to suit their body.
I understand how difficult it is to fit exercise into a busy life and as such your programme will be based around long term, realistic lifestyle changes that incorporate fitness and nutrition into your everyday life in a manageable way.
The first step all my new clients undergo are fitness assessments which check for posture, balance, range of motion, joint integrity and core function. This is where the truly “Personal” aspect of each and every program is determined. I believe in the principle that “if you’re not assessing you’re guessing!” All Information gathered in the fitness assessments will be used to create a unique program, tailor-made to your individual body type, structure, wants and needs.
So why not call me today to book your inital consultation and make that first step in achieving your health and fitness goals!

"My PT deal of the month is an hour inital consultation, bespoke program and 2 personal training sessions all just for £30"

I am also a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist- I enjoy helping people get rid of their aches and pains, i am amazed of how many people just accept pain and think it is something they just have to live with, it is very rewarding to make people realise that it doesn’t have to be this way! Sports massage is a deep tissue massage and can help people of all ages, life styles and levels of fitness. Whether you spend long hours behind a desk or behind a wheel, whether you are suffering from stress or tension headaches, whether you’re in training for a competition or don’t train at all or may be your recovering from an injury, strain or sprain. Regardless of your back ground sports massage could be the answer you’re looking for as it has so many benefits.

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