personal at home 12 week workout by LH Training

East Sussex
1092 days ago


want to get fit for summer? want that beach body you crave? tired of not fitting into your favourite jeans? tired of that unsightly "mummy belly"?

well your wait is over!! LH Training has designed a home workout plan specificly designed for begginners with no need for any expensive gym equipment or personal trainers!!!
aimed at people who are looking to keep fit/lose weight the workout consists of a mix of outdoor cardio/indoor strength exercises to tone/tighten bums/legs/calves/abs/shoulders/back and arms.

feel like this wont be enough for you?? follow up suport is avaliable from the facebook group LH Training were like minded people are all working towards the same goal.......... keeping fit and feeling better about themselves/the way they look.

as your already interested (you wouldnt be reading this far if you werent...........) reply through the email link above and quote ref (LHT10) to receive the full 12 week training program and the beggineers workout guide for just ten pounds (have a look around you wont find a better deal anywhere)


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