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Hi all , this product is amazing this is a Lipo sculpting fluid that you apply to the area being treated them you wrap yourself up n the bandages supplied and cover with cling film, wait 30 minutes then remove ..... this will make you lose inches (not lbs) and tone uneven skintone including stretchmarks .....

This will not go back on as soon as you drink water like others do . We actually encourage you to drink at least 2 litres of water after each wrap and only use a wrap every 3 days as the fluid is still in your system....

Thanks to its specific formula based on the main concepts of lipotomy, Lipo Sculpting fluid emulsion also works in 3 steps:
Organic silica combined with Centella Asiatica & pure caffeine work to increase osmotic pressure in adipose cells and burst open their membranes.
Phosphatidylcholine helps dissolve and digest fat waste (natural lipolysis).
Botanical extract of butcherbroom encourages drainage and helps stimulate micro-circulation.
Lipo Sculpting Fluid is the first non-injectable skincare product with lipolysis effect

this is £32.50 and does around 10 wraps which is amazing xxxx

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