pco chauffeur mercedes e class drivers want to earn the best rates ?

1158 days ago


then what ever you do dont work for london executive.

i ve applied to their advert that i saw a few months ago at gumtree

london executive looking for pco drivers first 2 weeks free car then another 2 weeks half price

first week they paid me 200 pounds after spending 60 hours for them and i have spend almost 120 pounds on fuel 2nd week 230 3rd week 295 4th week 550 before my fuel expenses! when i went to see manager that i am not happy with this earnings he said we will put you on the executive circuit and you will earn more money with e class mercedes

i accept the offer and first week i worked 6 day 12 hours a day and spend almost another 2 hours try to go to my home before and after work.

after all this hard work i received 350 pounds after my fuel expenses !

they dont tell the fact that if they are charging their customers 100 pounds you will only receive 50 pounds of it so they advertise saying 20 percent account commision only but they deducted 50 out of whole amount!

they are very strict . you are not even aloud to go and buy yourself a dinner during night shift its not its because its busy it is because controller wants you to not move anywhere and stand where you are like a soldier!

they have a very bad controller called ANDY he has a very bad reputation that most foreign drivers did hated him in one point!

its just because they are not able to have a chance to earn a fair living from this business. only white british people there to earn a decent income and foreigners there to clear up the left overs.

so if you are chinese japanese check polish romanian turkish iraqi indian pakistani or black skinned you will be the one who is hoovering the left overs

most drivers communicate each other at some point and i have been told by their other drivers that i have not made my money because i am a foreigner.

managment says they are equal employer with diffrent backgrounds but they dont tell you why they keep advertising all the time for drivers because after while people get fed up and leave and they make thousands of pounds from your weekly account deductions. so if you want to look good in mercedes and earn peanuts and want to have no life for yourself then go and join to this company. it will not be easy to leave...

ring john mac the recruiter, and he will tell you only 20 percent deduction from account jobs

while they will charge 90 pounds to customer for an e class mercedes driver to receive only 45 of it
and thats your 20 percent
no relatives working for controllers ? no need to andy the controller know how to fiddle out best jobs to pure british whites.

discrimination and no fair allocation of work! drivers to receive 120 pounds to 350 pounds after all expenses working 60 hours to 70 hours a week

and also 1500 pound excess for the insurance they deducted from your account every week if its your fault they will pay the money awards the costs.

and if you want to leave you need to give 2 weeks notice so they can find some one else to mess around during this time

if you dont give notice they deduct 150 pounds from your earnings and also
what ever happens they will keep 250 pounds in their accounts for 6 months from your deductions for any penalties that come through post

any driver who worked at this company and were unhappy please do contact me.
i want to take this people to justice.
they dont have no rights to employ people to abuse.
6 months passed that i left the company. they have not return my deposit and last wages ! and they made me owe them 2300 pounds from the tiny little scratches that were allready on the car when they gave it to me.
there is other bad companies such as airport direct that i had previously worked but this is the worst company out of whole london companies !
beware and let others know so people wont have what i had in my life.
i can not pay my submitted tax return because of london executive stolen my 3 months of hard work !

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