Parenting Highly Sensitive Children - 30th March, 10am-4pm

Oxford Circus
1122 days ago



A day to obtain information, support and strategies that will help you to parent your normal, Highly Sensitive Child positively, and support you to liaise more productively with school, health professionals and family members who come into contact with your child. Use this day to improve your understanding of Sensory Processing Sensitivity, to increase communication and avoid pitfalls and repetitive cycles.

Build a mutually warm, respectful and secure relationship with your child based on a healthy attitude towards high sensitivity and a healthy attitude towards yourself as a parent. Suitable for parents, whatever the age of the child.

This workshop will provide you with information and ideas, but is not intended as therapy. However, you may find some of the content poignant.

Workshop facilitated by Barbara Allen-Williams, accredited therapist with 20 years experience. Barbara is the founder of Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002) & the National Centre for High Sensitivity (2010). She has specialised in working with Highly Sensitive People for 10 years and gives presentations and training to professionals in the area of Sensory Processing Sensitivity. She has brought up four highly sensitive children.

Information at the workshop is based on research by Dr Elaine Aron and her book 'The Highly Sensitive Child', plus Barbara's experience of working with highly sensitive clients.

Fee: £65. Some concessions, please ask. Light lunch and refreshments provided free of charge. Please notify us of any special dietary needs at least two weeks prior to the event.

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