NEW SLIMMING WORLD GROUP ECCLES - Patricroft Conservative Club

Eccles, Manchester
853 days ago


Hi Guys!

I'm really excited to announce that my very own Slimming World Group will be opening on the 7th January 2013 7:30pm at the Patricroft Conservative Club :-)

I never thought i'd be a "slimming" consultant because i was never a poster child for eating healthy. Every other plan i have tried has failed and i was always hungry.

At almost 18st and after quite a few humiliating situations i decided that enough was enough and that i couldn't do this on my own!

On the 2nd August 2012, along with my Mum, we signed up and became members of Slimming World. At my first weigh in i was 17st 10.5lbs (i actually thought i was less than that at the time) and that was the start of my weight loss journey.

My first week I lost 8lbs and to date i have lost over 4st and i've eaten loads along the way including those "forbidden" foods (at least consider forbidden by many) such as pasta, rice and potatoes!

The Food Optimising plan is easy to to follow and you will never be hungry! I do mean it when i say you can eat loads and still loose weight. It isn't a faddy diet that you get bored with, it actually works and it is a very healthy way to loose weight.

My group opens in the New Year so if you want a healthier, happier start to 2013 come along and join and together we can achieve the weight and lifestyle we want to achieve!

Joining fee is usually only £14.95, this includes your £10 membership and your first weeks fee which is £4.95 and the same every week after HOWEVER The Mirror will soon be offering FREE MEMBERSHIP in the New Year so you could join for only £4.95 (then the same every week after for your weekly fee)

With membership you get access not only to the full support of group but access to the LifelineOnline section of the Slimming World Website

I look forward to seeing you there :-)

Emma x

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