NEW cool watch lighter bargain for £15

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28 Feb 2012
1160 days ago


For sale: Brand new watch lighter as giving up smoking
Grab a cool bargain and have a good day
Tom 07882997082


NEW , innovative men’s watch and lighter: the ultimate, elegant and practical gift for all occasions which truly makes his owner happy!

This designer jewellery solves the problem of never being able to find a gift what is useful and makes the difference as well. It is a cool watch and it is a unique lighter as well at the same time .

Wear it with charm and it puts you in the middle of the attention immediately!
You will never forget to take it with you and you will never lose your lighter again!

This fashionable design and creative gadget is an ideal present for a partner, friend or business partner , even if you are a non smoker!
The lighter can be refilled by Bhutan gas /same as the other refillable lighters /
Good quality, made from durable alloy with black synthetic belt .
Original, fun , stylish jewellery piece and a great personal collectable at a great price compared to even the normal average watches!

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