Native Arabic Speaker Teacher for adults and children via skype

1044 days ago


Expert Native Arabic Speaker teacher is teaching Arabic Language for Grammar and Conversation &Quran via skype.

My Experience and offers,

1- 9 years’ experience in teaching both Standard Arabic and Tajweed (Quran).
2- My current students are both children and adults and universities students who study Arabic and Islamic studies course.
3- I can teach your kids how to pronounce Arabic letters properly and how to recite Quran with Correct tajweed.
4- I can help your kids memorizing whole Quran insha allah with the correct rules or Tajweed.
5- I can teach adults how to read, write and speak Arabic professionally with Egyptian accent if you want as I am Egyptian.
6- I can make a program to teach your kids both Arabic standard and tajweed.
7- I can teach you Arabic from any book you want which means that you can chose the Arabic books that you want to learn from.
8- Test every month and signed progress report will be sent to the students’ emails.

1- £4/1:30 hour for each student in a group of minimum 5 students.
2- £10/ hour for one to one learners.
3- £5/1:30 hour for each student in a group of less than 5 students.

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