Musketeers Dinner with the Dead

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A Christmas Dinner with a difference

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy a 3 course meal and investigation inside a building with a huge history of the paranormal along with our professional team.
During the evening you will be taught how to use our investigative equipment and learn the skills needed to connect with the spirits that haunt this small and intriguing building!!

Built in the 1700's this small unique building is now a busy restaurant but has been used for many other purposes over the years; since its recent renovation the activity in the building has escalated to a point where they contacted us to carry out this investigation.

Our evening here will start with a three course dinner and a drink from the bar allowing us all to get to know each other and to discuss anything paranormal that you may want to know.
Following the meal we will introduce you to the equipment that we have for you to use and show each of you how to gain the best results.
Our Psychic medium for the event will be on hand at all times to assist you and your team.

This will be an intimate event with numbers limited giving you the chance to get to know each other and work together split into 3 teams over 3 floors in very intimate small rooms.

There have been several report of activity from the staff here

•Voices saying good night especially when the building was empty
•Voices calling our names
•Taps turned on at random all the time
•The Coffee grinding machine turning on over night which has happened a few times and there was no way we would leave it on as it is way too noisy!
•Shadows in all areas of the building when there is no one present
•The Chef was in front bedroom (Store) and watched onions pushed off a shelf -with no way they would have rolled off they simply fell one by one!

During a small staff organised investigation here they were pushed and stroked; along with a male spirit in the front bedroom who was not pleasant and did not like the women
There was a strong presence of a male spirit in attic who said he was a soldier from around the 18th century
Additionally there was the energy of a small Child on the landing will she join us to play again?

With all this activity its no suprise that they invited us along to conduct this investigation to prove once and for all who and what resides in the building.

We always encourage guests to take part in as much or as little as they feel comfortable with, one thing we always ask is that you join us with an open mind and enjoy the experience.

All the team will be on hand to help and assist during vigils and group seances.

Remember to bring a camera and or camcorder to capture any paranormal activity.

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