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Miami Health Club is a gym located in Old Kent Road (208 - 210 Old Kent Road, London, SE1 5TY) with daily Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA sessions. All classes are run by professionals in the sport and you are guaranteed to see and feel results after every session.


WARRIOR WORKOUT (Saturdays: 1pm to 2:15pm)

This is a high calorie burning session which attacks every muscle group in the body and gives you the instant muscle definition like the warriors of old (Spartans, Trojans, Zulu, Gladiators, etc.). It is a gruelling full body workout that focuses on body weights, core strength, muscular endurance and an overall test of your stamina. Not for the faint hearted, but will leave you feeling the best you've ever felt about your physical fitness.

MMA BODYFIT (Sundays: 11am to 1pm)

This is an original Mixed Martial Arts class that awakens all major muscle groups and overall fitness. This type of non-contact workout gives you the taste of what it is like to be a fighter without actually getting into the arena. This is open to individuals of all levels, whether you have no Martial Arts experience or have mastered your art.

BOXFIT (Mondays: 6pm to 7:30pm)

This class is a fusion of boxing, hand-eye co-ordination and fitness. It is a way to liberate yourself after a stressful day, which pursues your self-control in a varied number of movements incorporating glove work and pad work. It is a safe, effective and fun form of exercise for men and women of all ages and levels of ability looking to de-stress, lose weight and tone up.

KICKFIT (Tuesdays: 8pm to 9:30pm)

This is a varied high impact class for the Martial Arts enthusiasts, with workouts ranging from Karate, Taekwondo, Capoeira, Kick Boxing, Kung Fu and Muay Thai. KickFit is a non-contact routine which has developed and adapted age old training principles to form a fun, addictive, safe, stress busting workout suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

The sessions are £8 per person with the first session free, and are mainly non-contact, unless you want to step it up a notch.

For further information, go to Alternatively, you can call 07853727413.

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