Male singer wanted for a dance track

Kensington, London
937 days ago


Hi there,

I am a female music producer, connected to quite a few media managers worldwide. I am looking for a male singer to sing on a very cool and catchy dance track at where I live in West London. I hear the voice being somewhere in the lines of Chris Martin (Coldplay) coupled with balladic, soulful techniques, no r&b vocalists please, also a deep masculine voice would not suit the song or lyric.

The deal would be a percentage on sales (and publishing depending on what you contribute) as we know that music industry is in its transitional period and personally speaking, it would work out better in the long run as well getting your name out there amongst what ever other projects you involved yourself with.

Feel free to write if you want to know, but I would like if possible some demo of your voice to start off with.

Thanks for reading

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