Southside, Edinburgh

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I lost my wallet on Chambers Street about 2pm on the 15th of April 2012.

If anyone out there has it and is honest enough to get in touch, please do. I would very grateful.

I'd just shopped in Tesco opposite Old College and dropped it outside there. Ten minutes later, I was told that two girls used the same wallet in the same store, paying by my hard-earned cash that was inside. If this was you, please get in touch - I do forgive people.

There is a reward.

It's a newspaper-style design wallet with a barcode stuck on the inside that means a lot to me. It was a gift from someone close to me.

Little chance I'll see it again, but there we go. Thanks for looking.

***UPDATE: Someone did get in touch about this, but didn't reply to my email. If this is you, I'm not sure if you found it or not, but would be grateful if you got back in touch. My telephone number is above. My reply email may have ended up in your trash folder.

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