Lost smartphone between Royal Mile & Sheep's Heid!

Holyrood, Edinburgh
880 days ago


My friend was visiting from the US and I took her on a walk yesterday (Monday the 26th of November) that ran from the end of High Street (royal mile) through Arthur's Seat to Sheep's Heid Inn on the other side. We started at about 3pm from the Starbucks on High street and at around 7pm took a cab home to Tollcross from Sheep's Heid.

At some point during this journey, she lost her smartphone, an American Samsung branded phone in flight mode, and she is not sure when in that journey she lost it. I know this is probably a huge long shot, but if anyone has phone a Samsung smartphone since Monday on our path, a response to this ad would be greatly appreciated! I have contacted Starbucks and Sheep's Heid to no avail, and am hoping that a good Gumtree-using samaritan has found it. :)

Thank you!

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