Looking for help with an item that was stolen from me

Sutton Coldfield
1110 days ago



This is a bit of a plea for help but on Saturday night/ Sunday morning on the weekend of 6/7th April, someone stole an item from my car where I live in Minworth. The thieves removed the rear windscreen of my car without damaging it and got into my boot and stole a Katana (Japanese Sword) which was presented to me by my instructor in recognition of my achievements and continuing contribution to our class. This weapon has low monetary value but extremely high sentimental value as it was an heriloom and I am licensed to own it for training purposes. On this occasion I had not removed it from my car as I normally would.

The police have said my car is a make and model that has been targeted across the Birmingham recently (Ford Fiesta 1999).

If anybody has any information or comes across my Katana I would be extremely grateful to know. The police have been informed.

The Katana itself is in a black scabbard (sheath) with a plastic type finish and the blade is 28" long, sharpened, has a nick in it roughly halfway down with a black handle that looks like it has electric tape on it and a silver/gold guard and hilt end.

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