Looking for FOOTBALL related Position, Lanarkshire or surrounding areas!

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire
870 days ago



Portuguese 43 yo., living in South Lanarkshire, looking for a paid job in football or related to.
I was a player in Portugal, stopped playing but have always been connected to football since.

Analasys and reports on current and potencial players;
Observation of rival teams before matches;
Assistant coach, as I don't posess a license to become a full coach: I hold the experience and many years work but no qualifications unfortunatley;
Phisical and psicological support to tem players - thanks to my past experiences, rebelions and injuries also as a player, I am familiar with the difficulties that arise with the 'game';
Extreme contribution to the maturing of team elements both as people and as players.

I believe that to be a good football player, good feet or technique. You need a head to match and atitude most of all.

You can be sure I am very knowledgable on the field. I realise I am subject to inspection and evaluation from techinal teams and I am available and willing to submit to observation experience or any report making on an experience basis.

Honest and reliable mature man, vast knowledge on football and I am confident with my work.

Please contact number shown above or email. Many thanks!

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