Lodnon to Delhi - 4x4 Drive

1082 days ago


I am planning a 4x4 Road Expedition from London to Delhi (India) and looking for companions. Ideal start dates are Jun/Jul 2013 and it will take 7-8 weeks. There are two possible routes (as far as I know), one from London - Belgium - Germany - Austria - Hungary - Serbia - Bulgaria - Turkey - Iran - Pakistan - India & the other route which is bit longer London - Belgium - Germany - Czech - Poland - Ukraine - Russia - Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan - Kyrguzstan - China - Nepal - India

After doing some research and reading various reviews about both routes, I find going through China is safer way and this also avoids tension over Iran/Pakistan border and India/Paikistan border. I have worked out most of the information and have fair idea about visa, costing, time scale and vehicle regulation etc.

Cost wise (Estimated) - there are some fixed costs i.e. VISA/Fuel/Vehicle/Carnet etc. Vehicle/Fuel & Carnet cost (Approx £8k can be divided among travel partners (Max 4). Visa is around £5k for 2 people (Chinese Visa is most expensive £3-£4k). Rest what we spend on Food/Accommodation etc. There is also a cost to ship vehicle back to UK and taking Flight back. Roughly, if it's a group of 4, we should be looking at £7k-£8k per person. Please note that Carnet cahrges are refundable and we can always sell the vehicle once back in UK, so this will further reduce the cost.

Vehicle wise, I am planning to take either a Land Cruiser (1997-2000) or Jeep Cherokee 4x4, which I am sure that this expedition requires especially while driving through Russia to Nepal. I know this is not going to be both - an easy and inexpensive trip, so I am looking for partners. If you are interested please feel free to drop a line and we can discuss it in detail. If you have already been on this expedition, please let us have your feedback and suggestions.

I look forward to hear back


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