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Foundation Learning isn't as complicated as it sounds. It's just a way of you getting the skills you need to get a job. Oh, and did we mention you get paid while you're doing it?
Foundation Learning is all about YOU

This is nothing like school. You just do what you need to do.

As well as giving you the skills for a certain job, we can help you with stuff like CVs and doing well in interviews. You'll also get qualifications in Maths, English or ICT at the same time. So when you've finished, you could have more than 5 certificates when you apply for a new job!
The boring but important bits

You have to be between 16 and 18, not at school/college and not working more than 10 hours a week (if you're 19, you may still be eligible but you will need to check with us or Connexions). And however old you are, you have to prove it with your passport, driving license, national insurance number or birth certificate.

Foundation Learning is all about going at your own pace. But you'll probably need to be there about 16 hours a week for around 22 weeks. Not long, is it?
What's in it for you?

Well, for successful learners there's the small matter of £300 in bonuses on completion. You'll also get your travel paid on top! And of course with your new qualifications you'll be in a much better position to get the job you want and start earning. Or you could go on to further training.

To find out more about Foundation Learning courses, click on the links or contact Chevon on 0800 62 26 536

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