Level 2 Phlebotomy Skills Course - Sheffield

Sheffield, South Yorkshire
1112 days ago


Thank you for your interest in our Level 2 Phlebotomy Skills course.

This course is the starting point for most students wishing to pursue a career in phlebotomy.

To date we have trained over 5000 students who have come from a wide variety of backgrounds: from clerical staff working in GP’s surgeries through to health care assistant’s, medical students and PhD students.
However, to enroll on the course, you do not need to come from a medical background.

The course is designed for students regardless of their previous experience. Our tutors will guide you from having no knowledge of phlebotomy to being ready to take bloods for the first time.

The course is accredited at Level 2 by the Open College Network and is made up of 15 hours contact time (spread over 2 days) and a home study project which requires a similar period of work.
All students are given 4 weeks to complete this project.

The first day is mainly theory and covers the following:
• A Background to Phlebotomy

• Health & Safety in Phlebotomy

• Infection Control

• Anatomy and Physiology of the Arm

• Site Selection

• Complications

• Needle Stick Injuries

• Application of the tourniquet

• What is expected of a Phlebotomist

• The Importance of Correct Patient Identification and Informed Consent

At the end of this day, all students are given a multiple-choice quiz to complete.
This quiz does have a minimum mark, which you would need to gain to continue on to the second day which is almost entirely practical work.

This day comprises of:
• A summary of the most common blood tests undertaken

• A guide to the most common types of equipment used in venepuncture

• The technique of venepuncture

• The process of taking bloods

The day includes a period of role play using pads attached to the antecubital fossa area, a period of one-to-one supervised practice using an artificial arm to improve technique and a 20 minute clinical assessment of each candidate.

You will learn how to use both of the systems commonly used throughout the UK and Ireland.

Once the course is completed, all students are given a home study project, which is made up of 4 research essays and a personal reflection.
A period of 4 weeks is allocated to this project and tutors and office staff are on hand to provide guidance during this time.

On successful completion of the home study project, students are registered with the Open College Network and receive their fully accredited certificates.
These certificates are recognised within parts of the NHS and across the private sector as proof that students have gained the skills and knowledge that they need to begin working.

The Phlebotomy Skills course has helped many people to get started on their career path and once completed can open up a range of opportunities with Phlebotomy Training Services.

If you would like to book a place on one of our courses, you can do so by giving the office a call on 01609 751 610 or by visiting our website at www.phlebotomytraining.co.uk

For a more informal look and to talk to some of our past students, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/phlebotomytraining

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