Learn to plaster in a day with the DIY plastering intensive courses
Renhold, Bedford

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Learn to plaster in a day with the DIY plastering intensive courses. These plastering courses are suitable for tradesmen wishing to further their skills and for anyone wanting to complete a DIY project at home.
Would you like to plaster your own house? The benefits of actually being able to plaster mean not only will you be able to save a lot of money and not have to rely upon tradesmen, but you can also obtain a great sense of achievement. Imagine standing back after just 1 or 2 hours work to see a nicely smooth plastered wall ready to paint.

Unlike a lot of other trades the tools needed to start plastering can be obtained for under £50. I can guarantee that in as little as 1 day you will have the basic knowledge and skills to be able to achieve a flat smooth professional finish on a small wall. Then with practice at home you will be able to plaster bigger walls successfully, however whilst practising you will be achieving fantastic results that will add value to your home.

Only 2 students per course ensures lots of 1:1 tuition. All the basic skills are taught and practised whilst you plaster a wall.

The sense of achievement after plastering a wall to a professional standard, in just one day, will leave you full of enthusiasm.

After course telephone support, DVD and course worksheets will all serve to help develop your new found skills.

The DIY Plastering course will teach you how to apply a flat base coat and a skim finish to a professional standard.

That is not to say you can be taught how to become a plasterer in just 1 day - but you can learn how to plaster to a good standard. The course will teach you the basic skills of plastering, so that you can practice on your walls at home. The aim of the course is to ensure that whilst you are practising a good standard is achieved so that you have a wall to be proud of - ready to accept a coat of paint.


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