KNOW YOURSELF workshop with Author Alexander Carberry
Digbeth, Birmingham

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Know Yourself: Discover Your True Nature
An Introductory Workshop

Alex Carberry & The Live Well Clinic Birmingham present 4 ½ intense hours of revelation about our innate natures, behavioural patterns and the way we think and experience the world. This one day introductory workshop thrusts you into the heart of the method, you will leave able to use it to understand yourself and others. It will unleash your ability to recognise other psychological types accurately and grant a firm appreciation of your own personality type. You will also begin to explore how to use this knowledge for your own self-development. Expect interactive group sessions, teaching and Q&A sessions that will punctuate this relaxed yet intense learning environment. Based upon the book Know Yourself by Alex Carberry which is available on Amazon.

Learn how to work with who you really are;
Understand you and why you are, the way you are;
Understand family, friends, others and what make them tick;
Avoid unnecessary conflict;
Discover the harmony between ourselves and our environment;

Date: 21st April 2012
Prerequisites: None
Teaching Time: 4 ½ hours – 10.00 AM to 3:00 PM
Cost: £35

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