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before you join this group there are a few things you need to think about as with all the fun and perks there are a lot of rules and regulation that we follow in this family

But before that you need to understand what we are about. We are a motorcycle club which means before you join our group you must own or have plans of owning a bike ( the followed are allowed : dirt bike , super bikes, quad bike and any other form of bike besides mopeds and scooters ) we enjoy open road rides party's raves and any other form of social events.
The mc community is very disciplined and is not before you become an official member of our family you will be given the roll of prospect which means fully patched members have the right to give you tasks until you are proven trustworthy of joining the family where u finally have a fun initiation. Once you join you become a 'Brother' we address each other as brother because that's what we represent as an mc brotherhood , which means we support each other elevate each and protect each no matter the case. We are not a criminal organisation neither do we deal in criminal activities. We also follow a ranking system we have five leaders in our establishment the Prez who is the leader of the group, the VP is the second in command, the Sargent of arms who is in charge of security, and the 1st and 2nd cap these are the founding five who you will be introduced to when joining the family after that we have the fully patched members and the prospects(more ranks will be added as we grow). Just because these people have a higher rank than you does not mean that they will disrespect you or talk down to you in any way it's just how we run the show in order for there to be order. When events or situations arise we decide as a group what happens and majority vote wins. We do not discriminate against colour anyone is eligible to join women aswel but have to be the age 18+ On knowing all of this the following rules must always be followed:

1. No criminal act especially when wearing the family CUT
2.No violence towards women or children in any case
3.we act in a well mannered behaviour in the public
4.the code of silence sticks what happens in the brotherhood stay there.(no rats) each other at all times (be it attending a fellow brothers performance or birthday)
6. Always look presentable we do not accept trampy behaviour secrets between each other any problems are settled in the eyes and ears of the family may not EVER FOR ANY REASON loose your CUT respectfully to everyone in the family
10.dont be a friggin ass be open and friendly and just have fun

Follow these rules and there will be no problems. We are into everything I myself am into hiphop and americanfootball and I'm an aspiring Artist I believe as a family supporting each other is the main key thing and should always show support to one another so know that if you have anything that you want a family there to support you you will have it on joining this family. We are based in London so if you want to join best thing would be to live in London for traveling purposes please leave a message if your interested In joining

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