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LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems) have existed for years all over the world including in Bristol. Recently the multiple paper-based schemes in Bristol, have joined together into a single sheme and gone online! See our website:

Now we meet every month, somewhere in Bristol to publicise our version of skill share ... co-operative help ... barter (without direct swaps) ... moneyless trading ... a local economy, to more and more people across Bristol.

How does Bristol LETS work? Simply by members registering what they want to offer to each other online, then trading time and talents using an alternative currency called "Ideals". No stigma about being 'overdrawn'; no Interest is charged; the system wouldn't work without half the members being in the negative. The value in the system is in 'trading', not 'being in profit'.

The next chance to meet us is 1-4pm on Sunday 15th April at Beeses Riveside Bar and Tea Gardens, Bishopston/Hanham, BS4 4SN ( One of us will be wearing a specially designed Big Red LETS Hat so we should be easy to spot!

Contact us if you have any questions, and/or view the [New & Events] page on our website if you need help getting there.

But you don't have to meet us in person to join. You can join directly on our website if you prefer.

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