jazz/blues rock project looking for a different drummer

West End, London
561 days ago


Rock trio (with a lot of jazz and blues influences - bass, sax, drums) is looking for a drummer.

Please, do NOT get in touch if:

you are NOT a reliable person (you say yes and then you don't come, using the traditional excuse "I had a long day, got a headache")
you are looking ONLY for money (you will be happy to play samba or heavy metal, as long as people pay you)
you can't read music at all or you are scared of 5/4s, 11/8s and the possibility to hit the cymbals with your elbows

please DO get in touch if:

you are a friendly and happy person
you love to play music, meet musicians, open your mind via music
you consider your instrument as a world to explore

so if you play the drums at decent level and you are looking to play something different, please get in touch.

Ad ID: 1035151666