im looking for my dad or anyone that knows him and can help please

Ferry Road, Edinburgh
935 days ago


hi imy name is kathleen jane cambell keegan and im looking for james cambell keegan or his brother bronco or grant keegan he also got called jimmy keegan i am 31 years old and would really like to find him i have grown up in childrens homes and am now settled with two children and think this is the right time to meet him !!my mother alexa ferrigan left me when i was a baby and i only met up with her a couple of years back and she told me that james was a lovely man who would want to know me the trouble is i have checked the yellow pages and came up short i really dont know what to do next edinburgh is not that big a place so surely someone out there must know him or know someone that knows him.He has a lage family and are orginally from leith so please if anyone out there knows him or any of his family please could you get in touch his brother grant so im aware used to or still lives in broughton street . all i would like is to meet him and lewarn a bit about my real family before its too late thankyou

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