I confess...

1195 days ago


That my boyfriend Ally is the best! We've been together for 9 months and it just keeps getting better. He is kind, funny, intelligent and caring. He might not have a great job but he works harder than anyone I know. He can be really shy meeting new people but he's made the effort to meet all my friends and family. He doesn't have a lot of money to take me or buy me gifts but he finds lots of fun things for us to do and shows he loves me everyday in the things he does and says. He's done my housework when I was working extra hours so I could come home and put my feet up. He's looked after me when I had the flu. He's listened to my problems and shares his with me. Sometimes we fallout but we always make up.
I love him with all my heart even though this time last year I thought I'd never be able to feel this way about anyone.
For all the people out there who are single or trapped in a bad or dangerous relationship, it won't be like this for ever. Let go of the past, open your heart and take a chance on someone new. It worked for me and though my life isn't perfect, it's so much happier than before.
Be lucky

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