Hot Desking / Office Share at The Last Refuge

Peckham Rye
1152 days ago



We are a Peckham based arts collective, based just off Rye Lane. We have a large open plan office with many desks ready for hot desking.

We are hoping for local creative types, freelancers or anyone who wants to get out of their house to come and work within our lovely cosy office space. We can provide you with a great network of local and interesting people whom inhabit our space too.

We can offer you:
* A workstation.
* Heating, power, water and rates.
* Fast 6mb wireless internet.
* Twice weekly cleaning.
* Kitchen facilities.
* Small comfortable meeting area.
* Toilets
* Disabled lift access.

Our rates are:
* £50 per week
* £200 per month.

Ad ID: 97968032