Guitarist Seeking Band Members - Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Indie

1104 days ago


I'm looking for musicians to form a new indie rock / shoegaze band.

I'm based in Shepperton (TW17) around a one hour commute from London. Ideally I'm looking to work with people based in and around London. The idea being that we practise maybe once or twice a week in London (or somewhere more appropriate) and see what happens.

Specifically I'm looking for a drummer, a bassist and a singer/guitarist with me completing the line-up as a guitarist. So if you have other band members in mind, or are part of an existing project, that'd be a bonus.

I do have some songs, but no demo material currently recorded and have had experience gigging for 4 years. I'm currently 19 and self-employed as a freelance web developer so my schedule is flexible enough to allow gigging or practising / recording on a very short notice.

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