Ghost Hunt (Paranormal Investigation) at Tatton Old Hall - 8/12/12

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Tatton Old hall in the heart of Tatton Park is an absolute hidden Gem.
Each and every room telling its own story.

Dare you join us for a night in the darkness of Tatton Old Hall and its ghostly residents?
NOT for the feint hearted!!

Once the heart of the Tatton estate, the Old Hall survives as its oldest building a single storey great hall, dimly lit by tallow candle and flickering fire still retains the shadowy atmosphere of Tudor times.
It was originally a manor house built at the turn of the 15th century; although it is not clear who originally built the Hall, it was extended by Sir Thomas Egerton, Lord Chancellor of England, in 1598. Through the years the elegant Hall played host to numerous important guests, including English and foreign royalty. As times changed and fortunes were lost, the ground floors of the Hall were converted into lodgings for estate workers, losing some of its distinguished charm. The differences between the Upper and Working classes unfold as you investigate the numerous rooms within this dwelling. The Hall was later used as a Parachute training school during the 2nd World War.
On your visit to the Hall will you encounter the spirit of Tom, the gamekeeper who enjoys a drink and provoking reactions from female guests, or maybe catch a glimpse of the somber young girl closely following the dominating Matriarch through the dark passages of this ghostly Hall? Sobbing cries of murdered victims can be heard within the walls. Dare you venture into the spinning room for a lone vigil? Communicate with the wondering spirits of this magnificent Hall through Ouija boards and glass divination experiments. Your investigation could link you to the ghostly inhabitants… Who knows what hidden secrets you may uncover…?

Compass have gained access to this fabulous building for the night for you to investigate under the careful guidance of our experienced paranormal investigators using the latest in technology to support the more traditional means of ghost hunting.

During the night all our guests will be given the chance to work first hand with our professional psychic medium and break into smaller investigation groups.

You will constantly have the opportunity to join in with experiments such as table tipping, séances and glass divination.
If you dare, you can choose to stay alone in areas which we know to be of strong paranormal activity, but be warned we will be carrying out experiments to encourage ghostly happenings.

We always encourage guests to take part in as much or as little as they feel comfortable with, one thing we always ask are that you join us with an open mind and enjoy the experience.
All the team will be on hand to help and assist during vigils and group séances.

During the night hot and cold drinks will be provided along with light snacks, feel free to bring along something more substantial should you need it.

Remember to bring a camera and or camcorder to capture any paranormal activity.

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