Ghost Hunt (Paranormal Investigation) at Smithills Hall 28/4/2012

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This is a terrifying location, with a great history.

Join our team and Psychic Medium as we investigate this location and look deep into its past.

Reported sightings are vast, including physical contact.
This event is not for the faint hearted.........

Smithills is not just famous for its grandeur and beauty. The atmosphere in the building and its long history seems to inspire many ghost stories many of which are gathered on this page.

In the great hall, a reputed psychic once reported seeing a strange looking man and a woman, both of whom appeared to be in 15th century dress. The man was seen as strong whilst the woman seemed to be distressed. Smithills was passed on to the Barton family in 1485, and was home to them for almost 200 years. During the War of the Roses, John Barton had fought and died at the Battle of St Albans.

One visitor recently noted that on a visit to Smithills as a child, he noticed a man at the top of the stairs to the Green Room. The museum attendant told them he was locking up and it was time to leave. The boy said they should wait for the man upstairs, but to his amazement the attendant told him he and his parents were the only visitors left in the hall. To this day the man is convinced he saw George Marsh.

In the shop used to hang a Pugin mirror. One day the shop manager looked in the mirror and noticed that there was a man with white bushy hair dressed in black watching her from the doorway. She turned around and he wasn’t there. Two weeks later the same thing happened again. The third time she saw the man he was on the stairs. Could this have been one of the Ainsworth’s, who inherited the house in 1870?

You will be given a guided tour of the location by the team and Psychic Medium before breaking down into smaller teams. This is your oppurtunity to handle and be taught how to use our ghost hunting equipment correctly, ready for your own vigils.

Finally you will have the oppurtunity to break off in your smaller teams and conduct your own vigils, under the watchful eyes of our experienced team.

You will constantly have the oppurtunity to join in with experiments such as table tipping, seances and glass divination.

If you dare, you can choose to stay alone in areas which we know to be of strong paranormal activity, but be warned we will be carrying out experiments to encourage ghostly happenings.

Remember to bring a camera / camcorder to capture paranormal evidence.

Join us if you dare...........

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