Ghost Hunt (Paranormal Investigation) at Smethwick Baths 13/10/2012
Smethwick, Birmingham

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This will be our very first time at this location and going by the managements reports is going to be a very active night.

Will you join us deep under the building where activity is most strong???

Join our team and our Psychic medium on a vigil never to be forgotten.

Smethwick swimming Centre, formally known as Thimblemill Baths, has gone through many interesting changes, had famous faces pass through its doors and also survived the Second World War.

Opened on the 30th March 1933 and designed by Chester Button and Roland Fletcher, the art deco features of the building were inspired by the high arched roof of aircraft hangers in France. In turn these
features were derived from the Scandinavian timber construction of the Breslau exhibition pavilion in the early 1920’s.

During the World War 2 years the baths was used for different reasons than for recreation.

The subways and cellars were used as an air raid shelters and houed the sick and dying.

Posters from the war period can still be seen today in the subways along with drawings on the wall.

During the 60's the baths hosted many famous acts and bands including The Beatles, The Who and Rolling Stones...

Paranormal activity here is not just limited to the odd sighting there have been many reports of apparitions within the tunnel system so regular that the maintenence staff struggle to get workers who will work alone.

During your night with us you will be given a guided tour of the building and hear an in depth history and given an insight into the equipment we use before breaking down into smaller teams. This is your oppurtunity to handle and learn how to use our ghost hunting equipment correctly, ready for your own vigils under the watchful eyes of our experienced team.

You will constantly have the oppurtunity to join in with experiments such as table tipping, seances and glass divination.

If you dare, you can choose to stay alone in areas which we know to be of strong paranormal activity, but be warned we will be carrying out experiments to encourage ghostly happenings.

This building is a very active paranormal location, therefore guests are reminded to expect the unexpected.

Remember to bring a torch and camera / camcorder to the event, you never know what you may catch !

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