Ghost Hunt (Paranormal Investigation) at Eastbourne Redoubt Fort 28/4/2012

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*An exclusive offer of £25pp if you call the office and quote Gumtree*

Join our team and along with their Psychic Medium, as we investigate this Historic location.

We have managed to secure the use of the entire fort during our nights investigation exclusively for you!

Will you dare to walk alone calling for the spirits of the past to join you and interact with them as they dare to communicate?

Construction of the Redoubt Fortress was handled by William Hobson with work starting in 1804 and continuing until 1810. Five million bricks were shipped on barges down the east coast from London for the fortress. The Redoubt is made up of 24 Casemates placed in a ring 220 feet in diameter; it is surrounded by a moat 25 feet wide by 24 feet deep but due to the Redoubt standing on shingle the moat could never be filled. The only entrance was across a bridge which linked the gun platform with the inland face of the fortress.

This will be a first for Compass Paranormal Events and are expecting a huge amount of activity.
A fantastic opportunity to investigate each and every room of this wonderful location.

Join in with group séances, table tipping and several more experiments with our equipment.

As with all our events you will have the opportunity to break down into smaller groups and carry out your own investigation, with the help and guidance of our team.

Our ghost hunting equipment will all be made available for your use, and you will be shown how to use it effectively.

You are welcome to bring any ghost hunting equipment of your own, and don't forget your camera and / or camcorder.

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