Ghost Hunt (Paranormal Investigation) at Alton Towers 21/7/2012

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We have hired Alton Towers, a very mysterious location for a Ghost Hunt exclusively for the use of our guests. The venue is a favourite with ghost-hunters due to the amount and regularity of paranormal activity experienced there.

Hidden away in the grounds of Britain's No. 1 tourist attraction, lies a derelict gothic mansion - the original Alton Towers. Few of the revellers who visit the theme park in their millions every year are aware of the house, or the haunted folklore which surrounds it.

This notion of a curse was reinforced during the 19th Century according to a famous legend. During the first two decades of this century, Charles Talbot, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury, began the transformation of the building into the one we see today. The story goes that in 1821 Charles was returning to the Towers in his coach when an old beggar woman appeared in the road asking for money. Having had her request refused, the old crone pointed to a nearby oak tree and told Charles that 'for every branch of the tree that falls, a member of your family will die'. Allegedly, later that night there was a great storm and in the morning it was discovered that one of Charles' relatives had died, and upon checking, a branch of the tree had indeed fallen (some versions of the story assert that Charles' son was killed while out riding by a branch falling off the tree). Determined not to have the same fate befall any more of his loved ones, Charles ordered the tree to be chained up, and these chains can still be seen to this day.

The presence of a large man has been witnessed in and around the Music Room, and the disembodied footsteps heard in this vicinity are usually attributed to him. Other footsteps have been heard in the banqueting room but in this instance they are accompanied by a dark shadowy figure. perhaps the most commonly seen ghost of Alton Towers is that of a lady in a long black dress, who has been witnessed wandering the corridors on many an occasion. Her apparition is often accompanied by a strong aroma of perfume.

You will be given a guided tour of the grounds by an expert and hear an in depth history of the site before breaking down into smaller teams. This is your oppurtunity to handle and be taught how to use our ghost hunting equipment correctly, ready for your own vigils.
We will then embark on a tour of the grounds again, with our team and guest medium who knows what we shall uncover.
Finally you will have the oppurtunity to break off in your smaller teams and conduct your own vigils, under the watchful eyes of our experienced team.
You will constantly have the oppurtunity to join in with experiments such as table tipping, seances and glass divination.
If you dare, you can choose to stay alone in areas which we know to be of strong paranormal activity, but be warned we will be carrying out experiments to encourage ghostly happenings.
Our Psychic and the team will carry out experiments of new and old techniques to encourage paranormal activity. Dare you volunteer to be part of some of our experiments?

Join in with group séances, table tipping and more. As with all our events you will have the opportunity to break down into smaller groups and carry out your own investigation, with the help and guidance of our team.
Our ghost hunting equipment will all be made available for your use, and you will be shown how to use it effectively.

You are welcome to bring any ghost hunting equipment of your own, and don't forget your camera and / or camcorder.

The venue is a favourite with ghost-hunters due to the amount and regularity of paranormal activity experienced there.

Remember to bring a camera and or camcorder to capture any paranormal activity.

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