Free weight loss & wellness

1022 days ago


Wellness & weight expert and author is looking for people with a BMI over 30 who want to lose weight and who would enjoy being part of a new book project.
If you can commit to 12 weeks of coaching in wellness and weight management, we would like to hear from you.
Nutrition advice and coaching sessions take place over the phone or via email and are completely free to you - with a value of over £500.
Not everyone will fit the profile and we only need a limited number of people in the group. If you're interested please email us, including a short paragraph of why you want to join and a personal profile. All information will be treated in strictest confidence. Screening will take place during July/August and you'll then either be selected or be placed on the waiting list.
This particular programme has been used before with amazing results, and is not a short term fad, but a change in lifestyle for long term health. Hundreds of people have lost impressive amounts of weight and many health issues have cleared up in the process. No speciality foods, shakes, pills or calorie counting involved - just good, natural healthy food. We look forward to hearing from you so you can begin your journey towards the person you want to be.

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