Free French holidays in a family to improve the language

1097 days ago


Do you know LEC ?

So, you don’t know the fabulous website which brings together families or people looking to organize exchanges. A lot of people dream about having the chance to dare and go abroad.
Since it’s an exchange, both families will be eager to make sure each child feels at home. Give your child what he needs to jumpstart his linguistic progress!
Participating in an exchange is also giving your child the chance to become familiar with another culture and the different customs that go with it. Don’t forget, Travelling shapes the minds of our youth!

So, ready to taste the French baguette or croissant? It is worth trying, isn’t it?
Subscribe at, it’s free! And a French correspondent is already waiting for you…...

I am a French teacher and the webmaster of this website and i was very happy to welcome an English correspondant, Alex from London for my daughter Charlotte who is 13. She came one week in August. It was a fantastic experience for all our family! Now, Charlotte went to London in meet Alex's family. She just came back so happy of this experience! Fantastic she said...

It shows that exchanges can work....Don't hesitate to do the is worth trying! Yes, we can!

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