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You maybe tired of the usual Sunday league nonsense, bad language, juvenile behavior, violence etc... Why not give Church football a try?

SATURDAY MORNING Adult (16+) team requires a new coach/manager for the coming 2012/13 season. Ideally you will have some experience of football coaching and or running an amatuer football team. However someone who is just keen to get involved is always welcome!!

As a backround;

The SCFL (Solent Churches Football League) has been running for over 20 years & consists of 24 church teams made up of 3 divisions and currently expanding. We are not currently FA affiliated but are looking into this for the forthcoming 2012/13 season. There is a zero tolerance policy of any foul language and bad behaviour.

Church football is about playing the game in the right spirit with God as the centre point. Prior to kick off, the captain of the home team is required to say a prayer round the centre circle, which all (Christians and Non Christian) players respect. Not all players have to be Christians, it is not about excluding anyone and more so the direct opposite. Some teams will have more Christain's than others and some will have fewer. This is all down to the individual team and their set up.

There is no "Bible Bashing", individuals can be involved in as much or little as they want to be within the spiritual side. Everyone is different and the SCFL respect that. More and more players are coming over to the SCFL as the friendly and family environment is refreshing from the norm. The games are competitive so don't be deterred by the fact that church football is all about shaking hands!!

Our team age range between 20-40 with a good bunch of lads who want to play the game in the right way. "If god wanted the ball to be played in the air, he would have painted the sky green!" We enjoy a pint after the game and socialising through outreach events and have built some long lasting friendships.

We have some decent players who have played to high a standard and enjoy their football. Due to family and work committments our current Manager is unable to devote the full time required to run the team in both the coaching and Manager role and will be taking a more Chairman role next season overseeing any major decisions and always willing to lend a hand.

We train on Thursday evenings 8pm-9:30pm at Swanmore Secondary School. The lads are keen to have decent training sessions and not the normal "Kickabouts" as often found with amateur football. So if you have any coaching experience and want to get involved please contact us.

We do take the football seriously as we won the second division last year in the 2010/11 season. However we are mainly here to enjoy ourselves..... and winning helps!! :-)

Look forward to hearing from you..

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