Fitness & Café Muirkirk
Muirkirk, Cumnock

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Drop a dress size in 3 weeks…and without stepping foot in the gym!
Shake yourself thin with our brand new Body Vibration Plate .
10 minutes is equivalent to a 1 hour workout in the gym .
Our vibration machines are really easy to use .Simply stand on the machine,feet apart,and the machine will shake those excess pounds away.During the time session the machine will work through a sequence of vibrations.This vibrations cause the muscles to contract and relax as they would under normal physical activity only much faster
Burn fat,lose weight,tone up,reduce cellulite,decrease blood pressure,increase bone density …….
Appointment only from 4pm in TOPDEXTER café 07910946876
Beetwen 9am - 4pm private session available ,dont need appoitment.

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