Elite Sport Training - Personal Trainer
City Centre, Edinburgh

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Elite Sport Training is a company which specialises in offering personal training services to improve the fitness, health and wellbeing of people. In Elite Sport Training we care about your health, so we offer a personalised and professional services appropriate to clients individual circumstances in order to achieve results and to ensure that these are maintained over time. In Elite Sport Training you will find the Personal Trainer you are looking for who will focus on getting the best out of you and improving your health and fitness.

Elite Sport Training is based in the Edinburgh Carlton Barcelo Hotel which offers four-star health and leisure facilities including fully equipped gym, swimming pool and spa facilities.

We are situated in the heart of Edinburgh on North Bridge, providing easy access for everyone. If you prefer the outdoors Elite Sport Training can take your workout to many nearby parks and even to Arthur´s Seat

Who benefits from PT sessions?

Everyone will benefit from personal training sessions at Elite Sport Training. Whether you are new to exercise, need a programme to help you lose weight or are an athlete looking for some specialised advice, Elite Sport Training offers one to one Personal Training sessions which can help you achieve your goals. In addition, regular exercise and training can assist you with improving your flexibility and muscle tone to build strength and prevent injury to your body and also is proven to reduce stress levels and improve your mental health. Working together with a personal trainer you will learn more about the exercise programme and its benefits to your health, providing you with knowledge that will improve your health and fitness even when your workout has finished!

What should I expect during a session?

At Elite Sport Training you have the choice of either 40 or 60 minute sessions. At your first session your trainer will spend approximately 10 minutes prior to the session getting to know you and your fitness goals in order that they can tailor the perfect programme to suit you and ensure you achieve your goals. Your first session will include taking you through a full body exercise programme and during this you will be supported and motivated you to reach your goals. You will be shown how to use the correct techniques to ensure you make the most of each machine/exercise and each session will be unique, using different routines to keep you challenged and excited by your workout. Your trainer will also discuss your diet with you during the sessions and will provide advice and guidance on how to complement your exercise with healthy eating. We also can provide a lifestyle questionnaire to enable us to get a better idea of how you live to incorporate small changes to benefit your overall fitness and health.

What should I bring to my session?

You should come to each session prepared with appropriate clothing, indoor footwear, a towel, a water bottle and lots of energy and enthusiasm!

What will I gain from my sessions?

You will gain a variety of things from your sessions and this depends on what you want from your workout. Whatever your goals you will have your experienced personal trainer working alongside you, pushing you to achieve these and ensuring you get the most out of every session. Only with the skills and knowledge of your trainer can you ensure that you are using the correct techniques, equipment and strength to challenge your body and see results. Programs include nutritional and lifestyle consulting in addition to the best exercise workouts



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