Drummer Wanted for Iron Maiden Tribute Band Maiden Scotland

1160 days ago


Maiden Scotland are one of the best know tributes to Iron Maiden. We require a new drummer to take us forward in 2012. We have been looking for a while and had some great drummers rehearse with us but just not quite found the right person. Hopefully it is you!

We do regular gigs throughout Scotland and sometimes even foray into England and Ireland. This is a position for someone who wants to play and money should not be the prime motivation.

We are all easy going to get along with and although we take the music seriously we do like to have a laugh while doing it. You should be the same!

There are a few criteria that MUST be met

Must be of a good standard of playing.

Must have a good standard of gear(we don't expect a replica Nicko kit although that would be nice. As long as it does the job!)

MUST BE AN IRON MAIDEN FAN. We don't mean an anorak fan but at least a good knowledge of Maiden and the songs. There are about 40 songs to learn, so if you are learning them totally from scratch it is a big ask for even the best drummers.

Rehearsals are Glasgow based at present but this is not set in stone as a couple of us are in West Lothian

Get in touch for a friendly audition

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