Drummer Required
North London

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

…or ‘percussionist’ perhaps…

We are a new band forming off the back of one or two other projects. Currently consisting of bass, two guitars and vocals, we’re looking for a solid, reliable drummer to complete the line-up. Plenty of strong songs written, it’s a versatile set so we’re in need of someone who knows when to ‘go for it’ but also when to sit back a bit – when to hit harder and when to pick up a shaker or brushes (for instance).

Think bands like The National, The Decemberists, The Shins, British Sea Power, Belle and Sebastian – consistent drumming that complements the actual songs (and maintains a nice feel/tempo etc), not careless smashing that ‘suffocates’ everything else. Backing vocals would be a bonus also…

We’re all in our mid-20’s and have a fair degree of experience both live and in the studio, so we’re looking for the fourth member to come in and feel at home with practising/gigging frequently and this being a main priority – overall just having the commitment to becoming an ‘above average’ band. Hopefully it can/will become quite rewarding as a result of the time and effort put in.

If this all sounds like your type of thing then please get in touch and we can exchange some recordings and what not, maybe go for a Guinness to chat more.


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